Relationship Advice & Coaching

Relationship Advice and Coaching

Get straightforward, honest and supportive advice/coaching by using the Ask a Private Question option on our site. Read testimonials below to see what clients say about us. Scroll down to read more about our coaching philosophy and services.


You absolutely may use me as a testimonial. I honestly was not expecting even a fraction of the in-depth questions you asked, or the practical, thought-provoking answers you provided. You Guys need to advertise more; I can’t even remember how I found you. Trust me, I will be singing your praises the next time someone in my circle is having relationship issues.  And I’m going to try to apply some of your answers next time I’m running into issues with a guy (which won’t be for a while because after this debacle my ego can’t take any more rejection). I still believe this was the best $$ I have ever spent. I hope I don’t need your services again, but if I do, I won’t hesitate. Thank you for all that you do!Leigh
I have gotten a sense of self, choice and men from my interactions with my coach from The Guy’s Perspective. It’s been enlightening and informative. A true, no-judgmental zone. I don’t think anyone would have been able to grasp my feelings, concerns and thoughts better than you guys have. Most importantly, you have informed me to my best interests while helping me understand men, my options and how best to go forward. Now I can claim a better understanding of my personal situation and relationship issues. A win-win!! My time in therapy hasn’t brought me this much useful information or a promptness in replies. That I so appreciate.Roxanne
Like most of the reviews on your site, I was hesitant to pay $49 to chat with some random guys I’ve never met about issues, but I’m glad I did. You’re advice is so much more genuine than you’d expect from something like this. You really care about what you do and want people to be happy…I will share your site with my girlfriends for sure.Nicole
It was really helpful to get a guys side of it. Some of it like, the lost trust, I wouldn’t of even guessed. Your ideas are really good.  I’m going to ease back and really put them to use. I’m sure in future you may get a question or two popping up in your private advice box 🙂 Love your service and wish I had found it years ago and will definitely recommend you guys. I have a lot of friends that are totally clueless and could really use your help. Danielle
 You guys have really been a blessing. Being able to see it objectively through the eyes of guys, who have no emotional investment in either party, has allowed me to really look at the situation for what it is and realize it’s not for me. I truly do not know how to thank you enough for everything. I took a leap trusting you with nothing to lose and you went above and beyond any expectations I ever had. You were honest and kind and knew exactly how to put things to get me to see the situation for what it really was and not just the way I felt it was. If you aren’t already, you should all become psychologists. Seriously, think about it. Thank you again for making this really shitty situation into something I feel I can handle now. Should I ever see myself in another pickle, I know where to find you.Jenn
Can’t thank you enough. I appreciate the straight talk, patience, kindness, and realness on race. I won’t be going down a rabbit hole on that one – good to be aware of, and I’m definitely not foreign to it. You’re legit in my book. You’ve also mended a broken heart (who knew this was possible, and over email), so I can invest energy into my husband. This dude is finally blending into the backdrop rather than taking center stage (about time, and I see it wasn’t even about him all along… projections). So THANK YOU… and I will keep this service in my back-pocket for myself and friends who may (read: will) need it. Before I get more sappy, thank you Guys with sincere gratitude. Monica
I initially was hesitant cause I thought this was hokum, but you guys really proved me wrong with your thoughtful responses and respect for my situation and decisions. Thank you! Lynn
Thanks so much for all your insight. I fell down a rabbit hole of relationship advice searches and stumbled across your site. Very glad I did though. Katherine
I want to thank you for all of your help. I am very satisfied with your service. You were honest, detailed and sympathetic. I was afraid I would get a generic response to my case but you really dove into my specifics and gave me tailored feedback. Some of the things you said confirmed what I suspected and some of what you said was really eye opening. I feel like I have a new approach to my situation which makes me less dependent and more able to analyze my relationship without the rose-colored glasses on.Kristine
Thanks again for your thoughts and suggestions. I’ve been following your website for a while now and have always liked your advice—allowing one to have a little bit of hope but only in a healthy way and also keeping it real. Never thought I’d be a paying customer for this sort of thing but I’m glad I did get in touch.Mei
This service is great. I thought it’d just be a one answer deal, not a discussion, but this is pretty awesome. Definitely recommending you guys!Karina
Yes, we’re definitely headed in the right direction. It feels good. I can’t thank you enough for all your care, wisdom, and understanding. You’ve helped bring much needed insight & clarity to this trying time.  Eternally grateful, truly.Lindsey
Wow great advice! Your perspective on this matter has helped us to communicate our fears and insecurities to each other SO much better! And now we’ve reached a much better understanding. Of course the plot thickens because I found out I am pregnant. But at least now I know how to move forward in the right direction. If I hadn’t gotten such great advice I might have left and made a terrible mistake. You guys have my gratitude. I actually stumbled upon the website during a very emotional google search desperate for any kind of help. I immediately began to read others’ experiences and eventually felt like I should share my own. I’m just so happy for your help. I will recommend this site to everyone! Thanks so much again.Allison
Thank you so much for your guidance through the situation— it helped me to stay focused and see a light at the end of the tunnel. I learned for myself that I shouldn’t jump to conclusions and have patience to understand my own feelings better. So, while it was a pleasure to meet and talk to you, I do hope that I don’t need you too soon again. 🙂  Keep up the good work. You guys are awesome. Many thanks.Sophia
Honestly it is the most valuable $57 (Australian dollars I have spent) Whatever happens I am really grateful for your help. You have really put things in perspective for me. I’m going to recommend you to everyone.Irene
I am really happy with my session I’ve had with you and feel much better about myself. And so I believe my husband would benefit greatly from you as well with issues with himself. At the end of the day I want him to understand himself more along with feeling better about who he is. I think you guys could really help him and provide him with extra support and a different perspective.Shana
It’s like The Guys could read my mind. They helped me understand what was happening in my relationship and provided me with tools to address the issuesBeth
Thank you. I felt that you really read my email, asked great questions and came up with some great perspective. I think that your invested time was worth twice what I paid. Have a great day.Jacqui
Thank you so much for all of the information. Initially, I hesitated about this service because I did not know what to expect. I must say, I am pleasantly surprised with the way in which you handled my concerns. I enjoy and appreciate the detailed advice and the patience you display with helping me understand that advice. I have already referred you all of my best friends!Sasha
Since my husband moved out I’ve been distraught. I talked to friends, family, even a therapist but I wanted to understand what my husband might be thinking. Thus I needed a guy’s perspective. The Guys not only provided the perspective I was looking for, but also a forum for me to process my pain. They helped me realize that I’m in charge of my own happiness, which has in turn provided me solace in this difficult time. These guys rock. Christine
I think the service you provide is invaluable and I’m not sure what took me so long to Google it. I guess I just wasn’t aware it’d be this easy to get great advice! I have already recommended your service to one of my friends and I’m sure she won’t be the last. You guys go above and beyond. Katie
I came to your site looking for some advice on an issue I was having with my boyfriend. I liked some of the posts I read so I figured, why not, I’ll ask these guys a question. Boy was I happily surprised at how thoughtful and thorough your responses were. Not only did you clarify my situation but you helped me come up with a plan of action. I’ll definitely be back to ask you more questions. And as an aside. I told all my girlfriends about you too! Thanks Guys!Vanessa
I wrote you back a few months when I was struggling with a failed relationship. I really appreciated the depth of feedback and clarification of my experience. I wish I wasn’t back so soon with another one, but here I am. Thanks for all of your help.Brittany
Gosh, you guys are good and quick! I hope you know how much I really appreciate these replies! Whether it’s (boyfriend’s name) and I together or someone else down the track I will be better off as a result of the growth from this experience and the interactions with you GUYS!Lauren
I have treasured all your thoughts and do reflect on many things you have responded to. You have a lovely way of saying things that can be thoughtfully digested with wisdom. Thank you for so many reasons. I have learned a lot on this journey with you.Kim
Seems kind of weird if you think about it: asking strangers for love/relationship advice. But maybe that’s what makes The Guys a reliable source. They are objective and will tell you the truth from their perspective. It doesn’t matter if your situation doesn’t seem to be a good one, they won’t hesitate in sharing with you their thoughts. I’ve already asked for advice more than once and it always proved to be helpful. There’s no guarantee things will work out the way you want, however you will sure get an honest opinion from people who understand about relationships.Sasha
 Thank you so much for answering my questions so thoroughly. It has really helped me. I’m very grateful.Sue
I came across The Guy’s Perspective the way a lot of women probably do: in a fit of heart-wrecked googling after a rough breakup. There are dozens of websites that claim to reveal “the secrets of male psychology.” The Guys, on the other hand, begin with the premise that their clients are mature people with unique circumstances. I told them my story and asked for their help. Did I Get My Ex Back? No, but I gave it my best shot. With their guidance, I kept to the high road, and success on any other terms would have been a loss. The Guys saw me through my disappointment, and then they helped me regain perspective about the outcome.Andrea
You are something I must say!!!!! Thank you for all your suggestions/ advice. It’s been quite eye -openingl! I will definitely come back when I have any other tough cases. Hahha. You definitely proved you’re money well spent! Dorka
Thanks for just listening and answering my emails and just being helpful… seriously.  I wish I knew about you Guys awhile ago.  Because to be honest… a lot of women would like to hear some “fatherly” advice without the stigma and judgement that comes with it.  A lot of us don’t have dads to talk to.  And when the men in our lives treat us poorly we don’t have anyone to help us understand how they think.  How to help fix things, how to understand better.  So, I see what you’re doing as very helpful and I’m grateful for your insight.Sunshine
Thanks so much!! You have no idea how relieved I feel, how much clearer my head is, and how I am so motivated, now that I know what I am fixing. Honestly, I am still unsure if this is the relationship for me, time will tell, but knowledge is power, and I now have the knowledge, thanks to you guys, to help me take action in getting my power back and hopefully, turn things around for both of our benefit.Joy
Being coached by one of the guys was the best money I’ve ever spent. Margaret
Thank you again for all of your advice and perspective! I was almost unsure about paying for a man’s perspective, but I am very glad I did. Needless to say, 90% of the people I have talked to about this are women, and the men haven’t been the best advice givers (I mean really, my dad has been out of the dating scene for 30 years, haha). I really really appreciate your attention to every detail of my long question, and providing me with your ideas for every possibility. But mostly, I appreciate that although you gave me a very comprehensive response, you still made it clear what it was you actually think happened from a man’s perspective, even though it isn’t the ideal ending. The last thing I need is to be sympathetic and hopeful for someone who, in all likelihood, is just being another asshole. Thank you again. Jennifer
Thanks again for your help. It means a lot that I got to open up about such a difficult matter in my life. You guys are great listeners and provided just enough feedback to help me figure out how to move forward.Sarah


Our philosophy on coaching and relationships

We believe that deep and meaningful relationships begin with the individual. What an individual brings to the table sets the tone for the relationship. We coach to heighten self-awareness and self-confidence. We ask questions, provide insight and advice (when asked), and guide clients to understand the issues and find their own solutions.

We promise to be non-judgmental. We promise to be honest, understanding, straightforward and supportive. What we won’t promise is to find you love. No hard sell here. You’ve got to do the work!

Deciding if a Relationship Coach is Right for You

Why should I hire a relationship or dating coach?

Coaching isn’t just for top-level athletes and executives. Coaching is for anyone striving for self-improvement and personal growth. Coaching is for people who realize they need support and guidance in order to push through obstacles—self-imposed or other—to achieve their goals, pursue their dreams and be involved in meaningful relationships.

Will coaching solve all my relationship, dating and sex problems?

That’s up to you. Results come from within. We’re not here to solve your problems, we’re here to help you solve them yourselves. Having a coach gives you a built in support system. A coach is someone who will ask you questions and guide you to find the answers. A coach is someone who will give you honest feedback. A coach is someone who is on your side even if that means delivering tough love from time to time.

Might working with a relationship or dating coach be a good option for me?

If you answer yes to some of these questions, then you might benefit from coaching.

Do you have pressing and important questions about your relationship or dating life that you wish you could discuss with an objective and experienced guy, AND get a fast, honest and thoughtful response?
Are you looking for insights into the male mind and wish you could ask a question about the man in your life and how he thinks?
Would you like someone to help you process issues with your relationship, help you identify blind-spots or help you work through obstacles that keep coming up for you?
Do you want someone to bounce ideas off of about relationships, dating and sex without feeling judged?
Do you have very personal questions about relationships, dating or sex that you want a male perspective on, but don’t want to ask family or friends?
Are you looking for quick answers to your questions?

How We Can Help You

Increase your self-awareness and self-confidence

Understanding yourself is the first step to being in a healthy relationship. (Your thought patterns, your tendencies, your triggers.) Once you understand yourself, the next step is accepting yourself. In order to be attractive and open to a potential partner, you have to feel healthy and whole.

Improve your conversational skills

Learn how to listen, be present and ask open-ended questions that encourage discussion. It’s time to resuscitate the art of the conversation! Free advice: Turn off your device and put it away.

Break free from your usual patterns

Are you attracted to the same sort of guy, even though it doesn’t seem to work out time and time again? Do you put up a wall when things get serious? Are you so picky that no one seems to fit the bill? Are you willing to accept relationships that are one-sided and have you putting in all the effort? These are a few of the patterns we can help you identify and work through.

Provide Motivation

Part of what we do is help you see your true potential, which in turn, will help motivate you to work on yourself and/or your relationship, and give you the confidence to be open emotionally while not undermining your self-worth.

Process and Problem Solve

You’ve heard it before. It’s all about the process. We will process with you as you work through issues, deal with insecurities, and enter new situations. We will help you identify the problems or obstacles that are impeding your personal growth and limiting your relationships. We also will provide actionable steps for you to try in your relationship. (If asked.)

Make Good Choices

Do you find yourself choosing potential partners who aren’t emotionally available or who undermine your self-esteem rather than boost it? Are you making unhealthy choices for yourself? We can help you focus on what you want from a relationship, and remind you that it starts with self-respect.

Listen to You

Sometimes you just need someone to listen and hear/read what you’re saying without judgement. We’re good at that.

Feedback on your online dating profile

With the prevalence of online dating, more and more people are creating online dating profiles. We can provide a guy’s perspective on your written profile and pictures. After all, we know how guys might interpret your profile.

Fast Input

Yes, your relationship is unique, but relationship issues are not. We’ve provided insightful feedback on just about any topic involving relationships, dating and sex for the last seven years. That enables us to think on our feet and provide immediate helpful feedback on your question/situation. (As long as we’re not asleep.)

Who We Coach

We coach adults in all stages of dating/relationships. (Single and dating. Beginning stages of a committed relationship. Married or involved in serious a relationship. Divorced and getting back into dating.)

If you’re interested in working with us, choose the Ask a Private question option on our site and book a conversation with THE GUYS. You’ll get a response, usually the same business day!