Bob the Vegan: Are Those Leather Shoes? (Part 2)

We left off last week with Bob, Dan and George having a drink filled fashion show. Torrie walks in on them. Scroll down for Part 1.

Torrie: Bob the Vegan huh? Aren't those leather shoes you're wearing?

Bob: Torrie, uh, hi. What a nice surprise!

Torrie: Please, don't give me that nice surprise crap. What the hell is going on?

Bob: We're just having a good time. George has been feeling down about Amy.

Torrie: I thought you were a vegan? You can't wear leather shoes.

Bob: It's a special occasion. I made an exception for George.

Torrie: Well this is just a bit "out there" for me. When I think of guys I don't normally think of undies and women's high heels.

Dan: Well these shoes are actually for my new girlfriend.

Torrie: Seems like the wrong size Dan, don't you think?

Dan: Well they're for me….for her……she's a foot fetishist.

Torrie: Oh my god, what the hell is going on. What is this, some weird alternate universe where freaks rule the world.

Bob: Torrie enough!! C'mon lighten up. Have a drink. Please…for George.

Torrie looks at George who looks kind of stricken.

Torrie: FINE!…., let's see the show.

George: Sounds great. Thanks for understanding Torrie.

The music goes back on. Torrie has a few drinks and loosens up a bit.The gang is parading around and laughing.

George: Hey guys check this outfit out.

Bob: Oh my god George, you've had too many drinks.

Torrie and Dan gag on their drinks.

Dan: Get that heel out of your butt!! I have to wear those you know!

Bob and Torrie start laughing. Victoria now walks in.

Victoria: Hey guys can I join the party.

Hi honey!!

Dan goes over to kiss Victoria.

Dan: Everyone, this is Victoria.

Everyone: Hi Victoria

Victoria: Hi everyone!

The party continues until Victoria and Dan go off to Dan's room and Torrie and Bob go off to Bob's room. George is left alone.

George:(Talking out loud to himself) Now what?…..Alone…..I better get used to it…….hmm…..what should I do…..

He hears noises from the bedrooms.

George:(Still talking to himself) Great. That's all I need. Well I could always……Don't do it George…… George, you've come too far……..

BUT….George gets out his computer and starts surfing for porn.

George:(Still talking to himself): This is all I have now. I'm a weak man. A lonely weak man.

Bob:(From the bedroom) What's the knocking noise I hear? Sounds like a heavy breathing woodpecker or something. Is that George?

Torrie: That is disgusting.

She covers her ears.

Torrie: I hear nothing!! ……..Come here Bob….you hottie!

Bob and Torrie embrace.

Tune in next week……

8 Comments on Bob the Vegan: Are Those Leather Shoes? (Part 2)

  1. Ug….maybe George is chasing a cockroach around the house…no play on words there 😛

  2. Poor George. All alone, spanking the monkey. 🙁

  3. Maybe Torrie and Victoria have a friend they can introduce to George? ;o)

  4. Oh I’m really curious!! Can’t wait to read what happens next ^_^!! Ciao

  5. You guys just write the craziest things! 😀

  6. Ahhh! I must find out what happens next!!!

  7. Dropping in to leave you Guys with a smile for the day 🙂

  8. Hahahaha…The heel in the butt. That’s great. Sounds like one interesting “party”!

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