Bob The Vegan: The Third Gender

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The Chicken Video

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Torrie Returns

Fetishist Anonymous

Episode 8: Going to the Movies

Bob and his friend Jim meet up on the street.

Bob: Hey Jim, long time. What's up?

Jim: Hey man. Yeah, I guess since the BBQ. How are things? And how's that hot girlfriend of yours? What's her name again?

Bob: Uh, you mean Torrie?

Jim: Yeah, Torrie. What's up with her? You guys still together?

Bob: I guess you could say that. It's been a long road.

Jim: Long road? But hasn't it only been a few months?

Bob: Yeah. but it's been a tough few months.

Jim: Oh yeah, the whole vegan thing. I almost forgot. You're not still doing that are you?

Bob: As a matter of fact I am. And actually I'm kind of digging it. But Torrie has now changed her mind and doesn't want me to be a vegan anymore.

Jim: How come women have to be so damn complicated?

Bob: I have no idea! So how are the ladies treating you?

Jim: Same old. A few dates here and there, but mostly just working, and doing what a guy needs to do to get by.

Bob: Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do as we GUYS say….So are you up for a movie?

Jim: Sounds good.

Bob: Cool. Well, I wanted to see this documentary

Jim: A documentary!!!??? Are you kidding. I hate documentaries. So boring!! What's it about?

Bob: It's called "The Third Gender." It's about hermaphrodites.

Jim: What the hell is a hermaphrodite? Sounds like a Greek god or something.

Bob: It's a person with both male and female sex organs.

Jim: So kind of like a Greek god?! So…what are you getting into these days Bob? First you're a vegan and now you're into hermaphrodites.

Bob: Very Funny…. Listen, I'm just  curious. It's a world I know nothing about. It will be interesting.

Jim: Sounds kinky. But I'm always game for kinky. But it might be a bit strange to go together. You know, two guys going to a movie about hermaphrodites. It might be slightly….you know…

Bob: Who cares? What do I care what people think?

Jim: Well I do…….Listen, here's what we do. When we sit down, just don't sit right next to me. Leave a seat between us.

Bob: Why?

Jim: So we won't look totally gay?

Bob: No one's going to think we're gay?

Jim: Just leave a seat between us please?

Bob: OK, fine…..Whatever…….you ready?

Jim: Let's do it.

They start to walk towards the theater. Bob sees Amy, George's wife, walking towards them.

Bob: Holy shit, that's Amy.

Jim: So?

Bob: I haven't seen her since she kicked out George.

Jim: Well, this should be interesting.

To be continued….Tuesday……..

THIS THURSDAY: The Guy's Horizon: The Future of Gender

6 Comments on Bob The Vegan: The Third Gender

  1. Hahah how exciting! It’s definitely going to be interesting! You know, I heard a background tune when Amy walked towards them haha. Yes, I do read your posts as a movie ^_^. I can’t wait to read the rest!

  2. Okay I must admit if I saw two guys sitting next to each other while watching a documentary about hermaphrodites the thought might cross my head. ;o)

  3. I can’t wait till tomorrow. I have to say, I love Bob, he’s fantabulous!!

  4. Interesting, did you know that a South African runner Semenya a hermaphrodite? Now that he/she has been found out he/she may be not running professionally anymore.

  5. In response to Tricia. Yes, in fact we’ll be mentioning Semenya in our post about “The Future of Gender” later this week.

  6. I love to read your posts as they are really very interesting……. You make us wanting more…
    Two guys sitting beside each other and watching a documentary on hermophrodites……haha……

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