The Continuing Adventures of Bob: I'm a Vegan…..Maybe

This is week three of "The Continuing Adventures of Bob"

Read previous posts to get caught up.

First week: Bob decides to be a Vegan…..with Torrie's prompting.

Second week:  Bob gets fed up with all the rules and exacts his revenge.

Third Week: Here we go!

Bob is home. He calls up George.

George: Hello!

Bob: George, I just can't take it any more!

George: Bob, is that you?

Bob: Yes, it's me and I just  can't do it. 

George: Hold on, slow down a minute. What are you talking about?

Bob: I've been cheating. Cheating on Torrie.

George: What do you mean cheating? How could you?

Bob: I don't mean with other women. I mean eating. The other day I had a hot dog and today I had ribs. In fact I just finished a huge plate of ribs smothered in BBQ sauce. 

George: Oh that Vegan thing. Well I don't blame you. No one but you could have lasted even this long. I could never do it. What are you going to say to Torrie?

Bob: You mean I have to tell Torrie? She'll break up with me for sure if I tell her.

George: Well, if you don't tell her, she's going to find out anyway.

Bob: But, how's she going to find out?

George: Women always find out. You know that, right?

Bob: Well what should I do?

George: Besides being honest?

Bob: Yeah.

George: I have no idea.

Bob: C'mon George, help me!

George: Well let me think…Hmmm…….. Only one thing comes to mind.

Bob: Tell me. Please!!

George: Well, back a few years I was friends with this guy. He told me about a time he was dating two girls at once. 

Bob: Sounds like a scoundrel. I would never do that.

George: Yes, he was a total scoundrel in many ways. That's why we're not friends anymore. Anyway, he says he was dating these two girls. Girl # 1 and Girl # 2. Well that's how he described them. One night he told Girl #1 he was going to play poker with his buddies, but he was really going to the movies with Girl #2.

Bob: Sounds like trouble.

George: Doesn't it? Anyway, while leaving the theater with Girl # 2 he saw Girl #1 also leaving the same theater. He couldn't believe his bad luck. He tried to sneak away without her seeing him, but it was not to be. Somehow they made eye contact. 

Bob: Uh,oh. Busted.

George: You would think. But he said when Girl #1 confronted him, he just kept repeating, "It wasn't me." Every time she accused him or yelled or cried he kept repeating, "It wasn't me." Finally after days of this, he wore her down until she believed him.

Bob: Well that's just wrong.

George: I know but he swears it worked.The key is to say it with conviction. And never, ever waver, no matter what happens.

Bob: We'll I'm not sure how that……..

Doorbell rings. Bob panics.

Bob: George, I gotta run. Torrie's here. I gotta rinse the BBQ sauce out of my mouth and find some gum.Thanks for listening.

George: Good luck.

Bob answers the door in a minute.

Bob: Hi Honey

Torrie: Hi. What took you so long?

Bob: Oh, I was just in the bathroom.

They hug and kiss lightly. Torrie comes in and sits down at the kitchen table across from Bob.

Bob: It's great to see you. You look amazing!

Torrie: Thanks that's sweet……..You know Bob, I've been thinking. We've been having some trouble recently and I think some of it is my fault. You've been so great about this Vegan thing. Most guys would have said forget it. But you stuck with me even though it was hard. As you know, I haven't always picked the nicest of guys and I've had some bad luck too. You're such a breath of fresh air. So supportive, loving and honest. Let's just forget the Vegan thing. I can see you're not a pig like the rest of the guys I've dated, so why don't you go ahead and eat whatever you'd like.

Bob: Really? You mean that?

Torrie: I do. And not only that. Up til now I haven't really opened up to you. But I see how wonderful you are. I really can trust you. So I plan on making you a very happy man.

Bob: Wow, I'm speechless. 

Torrie goes over to Bob. She stops.

Torrie: What's that on your shirt?

Bob: What?

Torrie: That stain. It looks like BBQ sauce?

Bob: What stain?

Torrie: That stain, right there.

She points.

Bob: Uhh, well, that's not BBQ sauce.

Torrie: Well what is it? It sure looks like BBQ sauce.

Bob: It's not BBQ sauce.

Torrie: Bob, you're lying to me.

Bob: No. It's not BBQ sauce.

Torrie: Bob, you're a terrible liar. Have you been cheating this whole time?

Bob: It wasn't me.

Torrie: What did you say?

Bob: It wasn't me.

Torrie: What are you talking about?

Bob: It wasn't me.

Torrie: Bob, stop saying that. That makes no sense.

Bob:  It wasn't me… It wasn't me.

Torrie: Oh my god, you are really being annoying.

Bob: It wasn't me.

Torrie: Bob if you don't shut up with that "It wasn't me" crap, I'm going to scream.
Is that BBQ sauce or not?

Bob:(braces himself) It wasn't me.

Torrie: You really are a milquetoast, you know that. Goodbye Bob. I can't believe I ever trusted you.

Bob: Torrie, no!!!! It wasn't me!!

Torrie, leaves……..

Find out what happens next week……

6 Comments on The Continuing Adventures of Bob: I'm a Vegan…..Maybe

  1. I hate to tell you this, but George probably tipped Torrie off, hoping to catch her on the rebound! (I think I’ve met him before πŸ˜‰

  2. Can’t wait for the next week…

  3. I guess infidelity has taken on a new meaning. Lipstick on the collar has been replaced by barbecue sauce. The battle of the sexes has moved from the bedroom into the kitchen.

  4. For now!
    We’ll see what next week holds.

  5. Can’t wait to see what will happen next.
    P.S. i like Bob ALREADY ,ge is kind and goofy πŸ™‚ and Torrie should stop trying to change him πŸ™‚

  6. Sounds like Bob needs a really big hot italian sausage. I mean that in the straightest way possible. πŸ˜‰

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