The Continuing Adventures of Bob: I'm a Vegan…Still

To get caught up, read last week's post. "The Continuing Adventures of Bob: I'm a Vegan Now" Scroll down to last Monday.

Here we go:

Bob and his buddy Jim: At a coffee shop

Jim: Sorry I missed the big BBQ last weekend. I heard it was

Bob: Yeah, it was OK.

Jim: Everyone was raving about Torrie. They said she's quite something!

Bob: Yeah, but I don’t know how long that’s going to last.

Jim: Why? Is it that Vegan thing?

Bob: Yeah.

Jim: It sounds crazy. I know I could never do it. I mean giving up hamburgers, steak, chicken. That’s crazy!

Bob: I know. I know. But I’m actually doing fine abstaining.

Jim: Excuse me, did you just say, abstaining?

Bob: Yeah I did, what the…Oh my god, what am I turning into?

Jim: Maybe, you're getting smarter.

Bob: Funny….seriously, this is killing me! I've had to give up all sorts of stuff.

Jim: Like what?

Bob: Like softball for instance.

JIm: What????

Bob: Well the gloves are leather. An animal product. I tried making a glove out of string and cardboard, but it just didn’t cut it. I kept getting hit in
the face..

Jim: That's rough man.

Bob: Yeah it is. But the bigger problem is, I just can’t keep
up with all the rules. I’ve actually had to write them all down in a journal.
Everyday I learn about something else I can’t do.

Jim: So why is Torrie so mad?

Bob: Because while I was mowing the lawn I saw some dog
poop and asked her what I should do.

Jim: What do you mean?

Bob: Well, I was afraid I might break a rule if for some reason I ran over the dog poop. Well, you know, it does come from an animal.

Jim: That sounds pretty extreme. What did she say?

Bob: She said I was a complete moron. Then
she told me to GO SIT IN IT. And she stormed out and went back to her apartment.

Jim: Well I hate to say it, but I kind of agree with her.

Bob: Thanks a lot.

Jim: Well then what happened?

Bob: After she left, I just…..I just couldn't help myself.

Jim: What did you do?

Bob: I lowered the blades on the mower to as low as they could go, and I just put them right over the poop. It shot all over the yard, on to the house, the car, the neighbor's dog. It was quite cleansing in fact. Of course now I have to clean it all up.

Jim: Dude, you are sick. You better go apologize to Torrie or something.

Bob: I plan on it. She's coming over for dinner. If you call cabbage and carrots, dinner. But first, I gotta go clean up the evidence…..see ya.

Jim: Yeah, later. And good luck.

AND til' next time…..


Tomorrow: Question/Answer: Video Footage in "Animation"…kind of.

4 Comments on The Continuing Adventures of Bob: I'm a Vegan…Still

  1. Love it 😉

  2. OK – If I were Bob, I would DUMP TORRIE!
    Hot? She is NOT!

  3. I like how Bob is his own man here. Gotta love a guy who lets it fly. 😉 THAT’s hot!
    ps I’d love to know how Torrie cooks her greens.

  4. Yeah, we’re guys, we’re lame. We’ll do anything to hook-up with a babe… for a time at least. I could never, EVER go without steak for more than a month.

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