The Continuing Adventures of Bob the Vegan: Torrie returns!

Bob meets Torrie at her place. 

Torrie: Oh Bob it’s so good to see you. (She hugs him)

Bob: Wow, that was nice. I really have been missing you.

Torrie: I've been missing you too Bob. I've had time to do a lot of thinking these last few weeks.

Bob: And so have you come to any conclusions?

Torrie: Actually I have. I realize that you are the best guy I’ve ever
gone out with. I want to put this
all behind us: our disagreements and misunderstandings and the whole vegan

Bob:  That sounds
good to me. But what do you mean the whole vegan thing?.

Torrie: Bob, I don’t care if you’re a vegan. You don’t have to do
that for me. I know it was kind of ridiculous for me to ask you to do that in the first place.

Bob: Actually, I like being a vegan. I feel great. I
have more energy and I’m in better shape. I should thank you for suggesting it.

Torrie: You really expect me to believe that in a few weeks
you’ve completely changed?

Bob:  Yes, I do. And l now I have a
support group. George is also living the vegan lifestyle. It helps that we have
each other.

Torrie: George??!! Please! I’m sure he’s already sneaking
behind your back and you don’t even know it. So really, enough already. I know you just did it
for me. Well I’m here. I’m yours. Let’s just drop it and go eat some

Bob:  I don’t want to
drop it and I definitely don't want hamburgers. I want to stay a vegan. I hope you’ll understand.

Torrie (throws up her hands): OK, BOB, Whatever?! (Sarcastically) Let’s just go eat something. I’m starving.

Bob and Torrie go to a sandwich shop. They're standing in a long line.

Torrie:  Did you just
see that?

Bob: What?

Torrie:  That old lady totally cut in

Bob:  What old lady?

Torrie: That old lady right there. She’s pretending like she doesn’t see us all standing right here.

Bob:  Who cares. She’s older. Maybe it’s
too tiring for her to stand in a long line. Or maybe she really doesn’t see us.

Torrie: Oh please, if she’s fit enough to come to a sandwich
shop, she’s fit enough to stand in line. How can she not see us? There’s twenty
of us standing here in plain sight.

Bob: Oh god, Torrie please chill.

Torrie: I’m gonna say something.

Bob:  NO, DON'T.

Torrie: Bob, calm down. Everyone will be thanking me, I’m
telling you.

Bob: No, I think you’re wrong. You’re going to be on your
own on this one.

Torrie: No I'm not!… Listen, cutting in line is a big pet peeve of mine. You know that. Just because she’s older doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply to her anymore.
At what age does that happen?

Bob: I think it just happens when a
person decides it does. Just let it go, it’s no big deal.

Torrie ignores him. She yells out.

Torrie: Hey, what do you think you're doing? Don’t you see
there’s a line here!!??

Everyone turns around to look at Torrie. Bob cringes.

Torrie continues: Hey you!

The older lady looks up.

Torrie: Yes you! Can’t you see there’s a line here!!

The old lady looks stricken. The people in line start
glaring at Torrie.

One Guy(speaking to the older woman): It’s OK, don’t listen to her. Go ahead and get your
order. We’re fine.

Bob and Torrie can hear a few voices whispering in line.

“Unbelievable” “What is her problem” "She's psycho"

Torrie gets red in the face and screams.

Torrie: What is wrong with you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She runs out of the shop crying. Bob looks at everyone and
shrugs apologetically and runs after her. He catches her down the street.

Bob: It’s OK.

Torrie: What’s wrong with everyone? Why is everyone so afraid to
speak out?

Bob: Sometimes it’s just easier to let it go.

Torrie: I’m not ABOUT easy!

Bob: I know you’re not, and I love you just how you are.

Torrie looks up at Bob and cries even harder. She hugs him tighter
than she’s ever hugged anyone in her life.

Tomorrow: Find out what happens when Dan and George go to their
first meeting.



7 Comments on The Continuing Adventures of Bob the Vegan: Torrie returns!

  1. Good to see Bob and Torrie together…… 🙂

  2. I’m coming into this just now so I don’t know their past, but from this post I have to say that Bob must be the most patient man in the world!

  3. Yikes….Torrie seriously needs to read my last post….BITE ME!!!!
    Way too uptight with things that are not in her control!
    Sounds like PMS to me :p

  4. I’ve heard girls do this in line ups before. I think budding is rude but people shouldn’t flip out on an old lady. Very realistic dialogue. I think TOrrie is too high strung, it may be because she a vegan and doesn’t get enough red meat. I think what Bob needs to do is to slip her some of his meat. It may calm her down. Just a suggestion.

  5. Ha! I’m also just starting this now, but Torrie reminds me of some girls I know…Ugh.

  6. Sounds like too high of maintenance to me he should move on while he can.
    Dorothy from grammology

  7. I can relate a bit with Torrie tho. NOT that I will react like that…but there is a place close to my neighborhood that is ruled by the elderly people. Seriously, they think that own the place and cut in line, pushes your cart away when they want to get something of the shelves and stuff like that. They don’t even smile or anything…
    Well I respect elderly people, but the worst part is, they think it’s their right and younger people just have to accept that. *sighs* so troublesome -_-‘

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