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As we said in our “Hot or Not?” segment earlier this week, the kiss is making a much needed comeback. We thought the best way to pay homage to the kiss was by asking some of our good friends to chime in as well.

Special Note: Our guests each have their own Blogs/Websites. These people are talented, witty and thought provoking writers who Blog about many different topics. We highly recommend that you visit their sites.We provided links for your convenience.

So with all formalities out of the way, pucker up and get ready. Here we go!




“The kiss is the most malleable of words and actions. It
defines passion, but also civility. It stirs the loins, but can be the quietest
of touches. It comforts and says goodbye. It signifies luck or can be used to
insult. “Kiss my Ass!!”

To kiss someone, whether it be a lover, child, parent
or friend, is simply a pure expression of love.”

Natural says:

“A Kiss is more intimate than the sex act itself”

Date Girl Diaries says:

“A kiss says so much about a person and what they want. It can be timid,
almost asking for permission. Kisses can be playful and silly, like a
kiss on the stomach that tickles. They can be remote, or uptight, like
when a person loses interest. But the best kind of kisses are the ones
full of love. The classic I-Just-Came-Home-From-War, grab a girl by the
face, bend her back, kiss her with the force of every ounce of feeling
that he has in his heart. Now those kisses leave this girl wanting

AskCherlock says:

“A kiss is wordless Wednesday or any other day of the week because it
speaks as a reminder from the heart that you are loved even when you feel unlovable.”

Dorothy says:

“We have a generic howdy doody and see you later kiss.
We have a fun-lovin family friendly kiss.
We have the slurpy wet doggy/pet kiss.
Then we have the very deep, passionate and meaningful kiss…which when
involving two hearts…is definitely crossing the line.
This is a kiss that awakens certain vulnerable
sensations as the lips tenderly touch and sweep past each other.
This is a kiss that demands with a passionate urgency, it not only
consumes & stirs up ones soul, it will without a doubt determine an
end result of a true passionate embrace.
This is a kiss that silently speaks a language
of love between two people, without uttering a word.
This is a kiss that tells no lies.
This is a kiss which separates the boys from the men,
so to speak.
To not know of this kiss is to not know of passion!”

Bad Gal says:

“Kiss: an acronym – Keep It Simple Stupid

Tricia says:

“There are good kissers and bad kissers.  A bad kisser feels like
french kissing your fat uncle.  You never want to experience it again.
Too bad, when he’s a really nice guy.  A good kisser is someone a girl
will never forget.  The best kiss is slow and smooth, and sensual.  You
can feel the tingling though your whole body especially in the important places.
You never want it to end and just leaves you wanting more.”

Heather says:

“A kiss is essential communication –whether between mother
and child, adrenalized lovers or time-tested friends.  It is “show me” instead of “tell me,” a flash of truth
between separate worlds.
A kiss can give secret depth and definition to
mere words or give nothing at all, telling everything in resonant silence.”

TJ Lubrano says AND draws:

A Kiss - vampire TJL r

22 Comments on The Kiss

  1. Kudos to all of these awesome thoughts on ‘Kiss’
    RE…you nut…love it!
    Cher…you said it….wordless!
    TJ…..awesome drawing and tidbit!
    Tricia…ewwwwwy on the Fat Uncle Kiss 😛
    Heather…loved the term.. ..’secret depth’!
    Date Girl Diaries…love the ‘just got home form the war’ visual…totally passionate and soooo romantic:)
    Last but not so least…
    The Guys…’It defines passion, but also civility’…
    So well put…indeed!
    I would like to say thank you to ‘The Guys’ for not only reaching out and posing us with some very titillating and thought provoking questions, but more so for inviting us to add our thoughts to their post.
    Well Done & Cheers!

  2. You’re welcome. And thanks to you for being game. We’re thrilled to have you.
    Your Friends,

  3. Thank you so much Guy’s for asking me to participate, it’s a honor. But, now after reading about all these kisses, I must go do some “bad things” to my “good place” 😉

  4. We’re speechless! And we think it’s better that way.
    Thanks for lending your “voice” to the mix, especially since we can no longer speak.

  5. Love the kiss. A good kiss makes me melt like butter.

  6. Hey Guys!
    Very nice post!! And so many lovely definitions!
    Thank you again for asking me to participate ^_^

  7. We loved having you TJ!

  8. aawwwww…. so nice

  9. RE,
    Well sometimes we have to show that side of us too. 🙂

  10. I have learned a lot hehehe What is kiss on the fat uncle really mean? hehehe

  11. Great post. Kissed are underrated.

  12. When Gauguin got to Tahiti he was shocked when he discovered the Tahitians didn’t kiss. Didn’t seem to interfere too much with his painting or his love-making. He probably avoided a lot of colds that way. (Not syphilis, however.)

  13. How come I didn’t get to be in on this? I am WOUNDED!

  14. Next time. We’ll think of something creepy for you to to ponder. 🙂

  15. hmm these were fun to read. i probably should have said a romantic kiss. 😛

  16. Fun post, Guys. All kisses are certainly NOT created equal, are they? I enjoyed the varied responses.

  17. Natural,
    Your definition is perfect just how it is!

  18. Heather,
    No they’re not. But we like them in all varieties!!

  19. I enjoyed reading the definitions of kiss. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  20. Thanks for letting me add my two cents to this blog post. And Tricia, that image of french kissing your fat uncle, GROSS! But pretty damn funny too. 🙂
    This post makes me want to rush home tonight and get my smooches on!

  21. Very Interesting post and blog, how does one get you write for The Guys?

  22. Cute post 🙂 Came here from Date Girl Diaries ~ I love your blog so far 🙂 Interesting to see a guys opinion

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