Bonding can be a Messy Affair

THE GUYS were just visiting our good buddy Bluzdude and we read a very funny post about his experience with his two nephews. For a good laugh, be sure to check it out!!

But as his day with his nephews gave him new insight on what it’s like to be a parent and how difficult it is to be in the trenches day in and day out, it also got us thinking…..about marriage and partnerships.

Divorce impacts many couples. The sanctity of marriage seems to be a tenuous bond these days, easily broken by the many temptations life holds: other men, other women, more excitement, more free time, more money……the list goes on.

So what makes the bond between people strong? Well sure, LOVE. We hope that would be reason number one. And what else? Loyalty, responsibility, friendship, kids? Sure, these would all be good reasons.

But we’d like to give five reasons that maybe you hadn’t thought of. These
are moments that are NEVER, EVER spoken about, but happen in every home around the world. These are moments that bring us together in ways we never thought possible. These are true bonding experiences!

Bonding experience #1:

When couples first start dating it’s all clean and nice. They do everything they can to show their new found love, perfection…..which means pretty much keeping their “human-ness” a secret. What are we talking about? Yes, that’s right, bodily functions.
We’ve all been at dinner, a party or in the bedroom with that
horrifying urge to you know…..pass gas. But we would never dare! Not this early on in the relationship. So instead we endure hours of intense stomach pain to not give away the secret. What secret? “That we’re human!!” That’s all well and good, but in order to really move ahead in the relationship, one of the parties MUST take the leap and “deal” one.

Once that seal is broken a new bond is formed, and the relationship often catapults forward to a new level.

Bonding experience #2:

If you’ve gotten past the first stage you’re doing well. Now you may be spending a considerable amount of time with your new love and that might include sleep overs and extended time at his or her apartment.
This comes with its own unique set of challenges. One challenge high on the list, is the bathroom situation. Now you have to use the SAME bathroom. Your first instinct is to hold it, just like sleep away camp with outdoor latrines, and spiders as big as baseball gloves!Β  But eventually you have no choice.
First BMs(Bowel Movements) are met with embarrassed smiles, or little jokes, but that facade is just too difficult to maintain. So you have no choice but to do what you normally do. “GO!” This is the second test in the relationship. When you realize it’s not all roses, or that it doesn’t all smell like roses, and you don’t even care, you’ve now jumped your next big hurdle. From here the possibilities are endless.

Bonding Experience #3:

So things progress well and now you’re married and pregnant. Well GUYS you may want to skip this paragraph if your stomach is weak. Anyone who’s ever been part of a delivery, knows it’s not pretty, at least up until the baby part. And even that isn’t always pretty. But in any birth, anything goes. We’re talking every kind of bodily fluid imaginable. And yes GUYS, even poop. And we’re not talking from the babies.
Talk about a deep bonding experience. If a GUY can wipe that image from his mind and still see his wife as that sexy kitten he married, good for him. (Of course THE GUYS would say, our wives are even sexier AFTER giving birth, but that’s us.) And if a woman can still look her husband in the eye without feeling self-conscious that he’s seen it ALL, then intimacy will go to a whole new level!

Bonding experience #4:

And of course the obvious continuation with this is kids. What comes with those little buggers is messy diapers, poop in the pants and bodily fluids everywhere. These are not tasks meant for one person. It’s a tag team event for sure. The act of cleaning up every “episode” is enough to solidify a relationship for life. Each person gains a whole new level of respect and appreciation when sharing some of the dirtiest tasks known to man, AND woman.

Bonding experience #5:

We’d like to make just one last point. Isn’t it clear that some of the messier things in life have played a big part in bonding two people together?! But it doesn’t stop there. It’s especially important in the Golden Years of marriage. Without bodily fluids, what would we have to talk about?


12 Comments on Bonding can be a Messy Affair

  1. I’m so happy I could inspire you GUYS with one truly poopy story. Your list reminds me of another one though… regarding Bonding Experience #1.
    Back with my college girlfriend, we used to spend long evenings together at her house, waiting for her parents to either go to bed so we could make out like crazed weasels, or for them to kick me out. Often times, I’d have a major gas episode, but would sooner seal my cheeks closed with crazy glue than let anything slip in front of her, her brothers and her parents.
    I remember one night, after a slow torturous kiss goodnight, having the door slam behind me and just joyfully farting my way down the steps to the car. I was walking the walk of total bliss, because there was more than young love hanging in the air.
    Ages later, I found out that on the other side of the door, my girlfriend was farting HER brains out too, much to her mother’s amusement. (she’s the one that told me about it)
    It seems we’re really not so different after all.

  2. I had to laugh about the birthing process, because you guys sure took it in stride. My husband did too, although he did joke about how it was too bad that the “good old days’ were gone when husbands just waited in the waiting room and handed out cigars.
    I’m pretty sure he was joking about that, but with our oldest getting ready to become a teen, there’s no point trying to clarify how he really felt about the delivery room bonding experience after all this time.

  3. Babies, body fluids and “tarfing” (we were never allowed to say fart as kids!)really are part of the bonding experience. Talk about intimacy. πŸ™‚ Great post, Guys!

  4. I was so worried that my husband would totally be so grossed out about the birthing process that he wouldn’t want anymore kids, but it actually didn’t bother him at all. I think it grossed me out more then him. ;o0

  5. I really enjoyed this post I found it to so funny. It was also very true I love the part about taking a BM .WoW! LOL…

  6. lol cute post πŸ˜‰ and very true! This gave me a good laugh today ~ Thanks!

  7. Funny and true! There’s nothing better than knowing that someone really knows you… and loves you (and feeling the same). True love involves ALL the senses.

  8. Great bonding experiences, and all so very true!

  9. Hey, thanks for the poop on bonding!

  10. Ultimately, what keeps a relationship healthy and alive is being completely comfortable around each other. Any sense of being judged and unappreciated is going to poison one’s mutual feeling. Being there for each other through all life’s messes helps to forge a powerful bond.

  11. Comfort is everything. Obviously this is just our way of pointing that out in a fun way.
    Thanks for the great comments.

  12. You guys crack me up. Isn’t it the truth, it all comes down to bodily functions. I remember when I first started dating Match, I’d make him look away when I’d spit while brushing my teeth. Now we have no shame, and we both think it’s hilarious how shy we used to be.
    The pregnancy and birth thing has me a little freaked out, I’ll admit. I plan on making Match stay up near my head, but knowing him, he’ll want to see the gory details. UGH!

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