Dogs vs. Cats

As of late, we've been getting a lot of pressure to get an animal. So we said fine, "Get some fish, fish tank,  fish food and whatever else you need." We thought we were being generous, but apparently fish don't count as animals. And neither do Gerbils, Snakes, Mice, Hamsters, Rats, Guinea Pigs or basically anything other than a Cat or a Dog.

So why didn't you say so from the beginning??!!

So let's get this straight. Are we really saying a Cat or a Dog, or do we just mean a Cat? Because let's face it, GUYS and Cats don't always jive. Sure, we've encountered a few that we've liked, but it's hard to take home a Tiger or a Lion from the zoo. Generally we're Dog people.

So this situation has become a big problem. And we're not sure how to resolve this crisis. So we wrote a little poem to give our readers a sense of what is going on inside GUYS' homes across America.

Cats and Dogs

The argument continues
'Bout which one ranks on top
It's been going on for years
And will probably never stop

Anytime the subject
Is brought up anywhere
Here is a little clip
Of what you'll probably hear

"Cats are cool!" say Cat lovers.
"Dogs are loyal!" say Dog lovers.
"Cats are sly!" say Cat lovers.
"Dogs are loving!" say Dog lovers.
"Cats are cuddly!" say Cat lovers.
"Dogs are playful!" say Dog lovers.
"Dogs smell badly!" say Cat lovers.
"Cats don't care!" say Dog lovers
"Dogs are dumb!" say Cat lovers.
"Cats are stupid!" say Dog lovers.
"You are stupid!" say Cat lovers.
"You are dumb!" say Dog lovers.

We don't think the argument
Will ever be resolved
Because the people having it
Are way too much involved

Has this been a problem for you? If so, how have you resolved this problem? How do we resolve this?


21 Comments on Dogs vs. Cats

  1. Start by weighing objective factors:
    House or apartment? Apartments can be tough on dogs.
    (Note: when I mention “dogs”, I really mean mid to large sized dogs… gangly, bounding, slobbering animals. If you’re considering a little dog, the kind that can be carried in purses, you might as well have a cat. Or hamster. Or throw pillow.) But I digress…
    Fenced in yard? Without that, make friends with walking your dog twice a day for the rest of its life, rain, shine or snow.
    Shelves full of knick-knacks, trophys or otherwise breakable stuff? There’s no such thing as “out of reach” for a cat.
    Plan to have a 3rd party in your bed for the next 10 years? Dogs can be kept off the bed more easily, especially if you never let them up to start. Cats? Forget it.
    How much do you have for a food budget? Cats don’t eat as much, in general, although they can get hooked on messy, expensive canned food.
    How do you feel about poo? Prefer to clean out a box, or look for doggie bombs in the back yard? Or carry the poo back from your walk? (Or let the dog bomb the neighbor’s yard and then beat feet out of there.)
    Add up all this data, crunch the numbers, then get the pet your wife wants. At least you can pretend you contributed.

  2. We got both. Why compromise?

  3. We are dog people so we have two dogs. There is actually a really nice cat around our neighborhood that meows and moves her tail (is it wagging if a cat does it?) every time we pass until we pet her. If you could find a cat like that (one that acts like a dog) you’d be all set. I do know people that have both, but so far we’ve convinced our kids that our two dogs don’t need any feline friends. Good luck.

  4. “Generally we’re Dog people.”
    That’s a ridiculous statement. Do you really believe this stuff or is this just something you blog because your target audience believes all this stereotypical foolishness?

  5. Since I am allergic to cats, it has never been an issue for me. I love dogs, and have always had one. I read somewhere that having a dog while raising children is good for them emotionally. I forget the logic of it, but my kids are adults now and are all dog-lovers. I vote for getting a dog! Rescue animals are wonderful and it teaches the kids a great lesson.

  6. Hmm, it seems there’s really only one solution.
    If you want a cat you’ll probably remain married because the wife usually wants a cat.
    If you want a dog you might have to get a divorce. And as you noted, dogs are loyal and playful so might work out after all.

  7. Thanks for the input everyone! Who knows maybe we’ll have to get both??
    BUT, we must respond to Ann.
    As far as THE GUYS go. And that would encompass over 100 or so GUYS polled.
    We’d say less than 5% truly like cats. Or would prefer a Cat over a Dog. Is that scientific? NO? It could have been the headlock and the threat of bodily injury, but generally GUYS are dog people.

  8. One other point we’d like to make. We’ve made it our mission not to be a stereotypical MALE site. But sometimes you just gotta say it like it is!
    It seems that women are more open in general to either cats or dogs. But as far as GUYS go it’s not even close.
    However, in this specific case there’s a stand off and that’s why we need your help! THANKS!!

  9. Poor babies (GUYS), I have two cats and one dog. They were raised together and get along really well. Since one of the cats was hand raised (mother abandoned and my kids and I rescued it), she acts pretty much like a puppy-cat. Each animal has their own joys and issues. So I’m sorry my lovies, but I’m not much help on this one. lmao

  10. Thankfully my guy likes cats. We have three. šŸ™‚

  11. If I may boomerang here, I agree with Naughty Scribe. I do love both and have had both. I’ve been lucky enough to have had several cats that have been friendly, loyal and loaded with personality.
    I’ll always have a place reserved in my heart for the Golden Retreiver pup and Siamese kitten we got at more or less the same time, when I was 15. They grew up together and had no problems coexisting. The Golden was actually very protective of the cat and would run off any other dog that approached him.
    But each bring their own gifts to the house. (and I don’t mean dead birds rodents, although that was an occasional treat as well)
    I could write a book on those two, but I’ll refrain here. But I’ll probably get my own post out of it sometime soon. Thanks for the idea, GUYS!

  12. The reason why I never got a dog or a cat was….because my mom would freak out. She really doesn’t like to have them in house. So no matter how much I begged or how much we all begged…it wasn’t going to happen *sigh*. Luckily a friend of mine has a cat ^_^!
    But Bluzdude really made it easy, only the end doesn’t have to go like that haha. Cause you can get a pet you both want and you don’t need to pretend that you contributed. Make a list and see how it goes from there :).
    Will you let us know what you get?! All the luck!

  13. As I’m single I don’t have this issue. My past bfs have just put up with the cats cuz I had them before we started dating. I’d like to have a dog too though, someday when I don’t have an apartment. But, then, I want a Chinese Crested (go ahead, look it up, lol) and that’s not exactly a man’s kinda dog. Speaking of which…
    From my gfs I’ve seen problems when they both agree on a dog too. The girl generally wants a cute little, smaller-than-a-breadbox, yippy dog, and the guy wants a dog that eats her kinda dog for a light snack. So, even deciding on a dog has it’s own set of problems.

  14. Funny that you should post this, because I’ve actually met more guy cat lovers than girls! My boyfriend is a cat person, but in his defense, his cat is very friendly like a dog. I’m a pretty die hard dog fan, but I’ve always grown up with both. When we get our own house, we’ll probably eventually get one of each, to compromise. šŸ™‚

  15. Dog always go with dog lol

  16. My solution is to surround myself with fellow dog lovers. BTW, I mentioned the negative stereotype of the so-called “cat lady” in a post last year and really offended an actual cat lady. Oops.
    My dog connection is only a few years old and has included only one dog so far. I just like having someone else to play with. Cats simply don’t play like my lab Lily does.

  17. I’m definitely a dog person, though I like cats too. A fox terrier was my best friend from the time I was 3 till I graduated high school. I’ll never forget that dog.

  18. plutosdad // October 29, 2009 at 8:25 am //

    Since I have a dog it’s easy to bring up early on, and make sure I date only girls who like dogs. šŸ™‚ My dog hates cats so I could never have one in the house anyway.
    My last girlfriend was not an animal lover at all. I was already thinking of breaking up with her, but when she started telling me what to do with my dog as if it were an accessory not a living being I knew it was over.

  19. You could always get one of each, get a dog and name it Cat, or get a cat and name it Dog. I don’t suggest the fish though. My fish give me way more hassles than my dogs.

  20. No problems for me and hubby because we both love cats and dogs alike. Initially, we had a cat called Lekker who travelled with us on a camping van across Europe. She passed away (bless her soul) 2 years ago and a year later we opted to have a dog. When we do finally settle in our new house, we are thinking of getting another cat and a dog. šŸ™‚

  21. I’ve always been more of a dog person. While you don’t have to worry as much with cats having accidents, dogs connect more with their owners than cats, most of the time.

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