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Since our BLOG is relatively new, this is the first installment in our Relationship Humor series. Every Monday we'll be sharing with you funny scenarios, comics and commentary on the modern relationship.

We welcome any material that you'd like to submit. And if you'd like to be a GUEST WRITER, contact us or leave us a comment. 


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The Arrangement: A Parable

Adapted from an old Comic Strip

A man and a wife lived in a nice suburb with their two kids.
They had a very traditional arrangement. He would go to work every day and she
would stay home with the kids and tend to all the household duties. This
arrangement seemed to work well for quite a while until one night the husband expressed his dissatisfaction.

“I’m starting to feel a little resentful. I go to work all day, every
day. The commute is horrible, my boss is a pain in the butt, and I’m stressed
all day long. And you get to stay home and relax.”

The wife, now slightly annoyed, looked at him and said, “I
don’t relax all day. There’s too much to do. And the kids….”

The husband cut her off and said, “Please. What do you do all day?”

By now, the wife was far beyond annoyed, so she said, “I’m
not having this conversation right now with you.” And she went upstairs to
finish the last book of the “Twilight” series.

The next day, after the man went to work, the wife decided
to teach him a lesson. While her kids were at pre-school she relaxed, just as her husband said. She had coffee
with a friend. She worked out. She had lunch with more friends. She read a book
with a nice cup of tea. After she picked up the kids, she let them play by themselves while she watched a few shows on TV. Then she ordered take out from Domino's.

When the husband came home, the place was a wreck and he was outraged. “What the heck
happened here. This place is a mess? And you know I don't like take out food?!!"

The wife looked at him with a smile and said, “Remember last
night when I told you I do a lot of things during the day?” 

He nodded, “Yes?”

”Well I didn’t do them today.”

After that order was restored. The husband apologized and changed his tune. And they were happy once again.



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  1. I would just like to say, “Thanks Guys!” For having an understanding of the gal’s perspective!

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