2016: Top five relationship concerns

In the past two months we’ve received hundreds of questions about a range of different topics and concerns. However, certain issues keep coming up over and over, so much so, that we felt it our duty to share with you the top five concerns amongst our female readers as we begin 2016.

Why do this? Why is this important?

For one, it’s always nice to know, that when you’re feeling confused, or upset, or hurt, or hopeless, that you’re not alone, and that many other people are going through similar experiences. The second, is for you to understand that these topics are at the top of the heap for a reason. And that if you are involved in a similar situation, maybe there’s a reason things aren’t going as planned.

We hope by this time next year, some of these issues will be non-issues, because people will be making better choices for their relationships.

Top Five Questions for 2015 (In reverse order) 

Issues with Long Distance Relationships: Certainly no one would choose this type of arrangement.   But in order for this to work to work, both people have to choose it every day, and be committed to frequent communication. The goal should always be, to find a way to be together in the same city.

-My boyfriend is on dating sites; is this normal? Do we really need to answer this? We can’t think of a good reason your boyfriend might be on a dating site. Can you? This is a big red-flag.

He’s hiding the relationship: When a guy is in love the last thing he’ll do is hide the relationship. In fact, he’ll do the opposite, and go out of his way to tell everyone he knows, and introduce his new love to his friends, family, even strangers. He wants everyone to know that she is his. It boosts his ego and it says to everyone else: STAY AWAY!

Will he come back? We don’t like to say never, but most of the time we’d say no. However, even if he does, the question you need to ask yourself is, “Do you want him back?” Seriously. Do you? There’s a reason you broke up in the first place. Don’t ignore that.

Friends with Benefits/Hooking Up/Booty Call: This is the most frequently asked question for the last two years actually. Will my Friends with Benefits arrangement ever evolve into something more? We’re not betting men, but we give it about a 1% chance of turning into something long-term and meaningful. It just doesn’t happen because your guy already knows what he wants from the get to. That’s why he proposed hooking up, rather than asking you to date him exclusively. When you get involved in this type of arrangement you’re just getting yourself stuck in an emotional holding pattern that will be difficult to break out of.

For more information on some of these topics, and a few more on the top ten list. Read our short, but informative, e-reports on some of these topics. 

Happy New Year! We wish you all the best in 2016.


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