Are My Boobs Big Enough?

Hi Guys,
I have been dating my boyfriend for four years. He loves big boobs and has always been with women who have them. I don’t!..I’m a B CUP!

He says I’m the love of his life. We have great chemistry in and out of the bedroom. He says he likes my boobs but I think he’s just pacifying me. My question is can a boob man really go from loving big ones to smaller ones and truly be happy? I hate always feeling like this but I need another guy’s opinion.


Dear Nelly,

Are you saying you don’t trust your boyfriend? If so, why not? Has he done other things that make you question his words? Because honestly Nelly, your concern seems to go beyond the size of your boobs. He’s  told you that you’re the love of his life, and that he likes your boobs, yet you’re still worried. So what’s going on? Why are you feeling like you’re not enough? Is this about how he treats you, or about how you view yourself?

However, let’s say this is purely a question of the size of your boobs. If that’s the case, this all comes down to how your boyfriend defines his life. Is he the kind of guy who defines his life by what he does NOT have? Or does he define it by what he has? Meaning, is he constantly comparing, and feeling bummed that you don’t have bigger boobs? Or does he say to himself, “She is amazing in so many ways, I’m lucky to have her in my life?” Of course, we can’t answer this question. What do you think? What does your gut tell you?

Let’s talk about boobs for a moment from a shallow and purely physical standpoint. We don’t know a guy who isn’t into boobs. But from our experience, it’s more about proportions rather than the size of a woman’s boobs. Every guy is different in this regard, but most guys don’t isolate one body part. It’s more about how it all fits together.

Moving on. We have some questions for you that might help us provide you with a more comprehensive response. Because honestly Nelly, your question seems to deserve a longer discussion. These questions might help get that conversation started. Feel free to respond in the comments below and ask as many follow-up questions as you’d like.

  1. How old is he?
  2. How did you meet? Was he dating someone else when he met you?
  3. Have you felt similarly in previous relationships? (Meaning, felt like you weren’t enough.)
  4. How does he treat you in general?
  5. Does he make comments about other women?
  6. Have the two of you talked about the future at all? (Like in a more concrete way.)
  7. What does your family think of him? Your friends?
  8. Would you describe yourself as a confident person? Or do you feel you may have self-esteem issues?
  9. Anything else you think is important. Feel free to share.

Note: If you’d like to continue this conversation in private, select our Ask a Private Question option and follow the steps.

We hope we’ve answered your question and given you some things think about.

All the Best,


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