The Guy's Horizon: The Future of Being PC(Politically Correct)

An extra special serious note from THE GUYS:


We tried extra hard to be as PC as we could when writing this post on "Being PC." If you know what we're saying??!!

We have more questions now than when we started writing on this topic. So we're putting the ball in your court. We want to hear your opinions, experiences and insights. Just keep in mind that we're all trying to figure this out and make this world work for everyone. 

We're serious…..Seriously!

Thanks so much.

The Guy’s Horizon: The Future of Being PC (Politically

These days we live in a PC world. A world where being
"Politically Correct" is vital for survival in the public eye. But has it gone
too far?

Here’s where we are now:

Stewardesses are now called Flight Attendants.

Janitors changed to Custodians to Maintenance Technicians

The Dump is now The Transfer Station.

And of course we have the untouchable subjects of
religion and race and the ever-changing terminology associated with each.

THE GUYS are completely aware that being sensitive to differences
is vital in this ever-changing world. The world IS growing smaller as
technology pulls us closer together. And of course the more populated the Earth
becomes, the more accepting and tolerant we need to become. THE GUYS believe in this and understand that being
Politically Correct is a way to make sense of this diverse world.

But having said that, where does it end? People haven’t
changed that dramatically unfortunately. They might use the correct terminology
(or not) but have their opinions changed? Does this changing terminology
actually alter people’s perceptions or harden them? Once people have left the
workplace or the shopping mall or the sports field, are they going home to
talk, speak and think like they always have? Are we respecting differences or are we becoming afraid to point out differences? Are differences a bad thing? Are we all fearful of being reprimanded in public?

Another reality of our PC world is the message we're giving to our kids. We’re telling them that the world is at their fingertips. We're saying they’ll be able to do anything they want. In some ways we're telling them they can be good at everything. But that's just not true unfortunately. So are we actually helping them by giving them this message? Are we preparing them for life's difficult trials? Don't misinterpret what we’re saying here. Parents need to
provide love and support and encouragement to their children. The parents among
us are all about providing every possible resource to allow our kids to grow
and flourish. But there are certain realities and limitations. Not all of us
were able to become everything we wanted to be. Our children won’t be able to
either. We hope they will find something they love. We hope they will commit themselves to a cause or to their family. We hope they will work hard at whatever they choose. But are we creating an illusory world that sets our kids up for failure?

So where is this all leading? Are we headed towards a
completely homogeneous society where everyone is afraid to speak his or her
mind? Is it so wrong to say someone is better than someone else at say baseball or math or dance or writing? Are we breeding more fear: fear of being judged for speaking what could
be the truth?  How DO we change people’s
perceptions? And how do we balance being direct with our children, but also not
dashing their dreams?

One thing we know that does need to happen more is face-to-face
contact. Face time with our kids. Face time for business. Settling a playground conflict ON the playground face-to-face. People
respond to other people. It’s quite simple. They change when they realize they
don’t have anything to fear from people who are different. They grow when they
realize they can learn from someone who is not like them. And often they make new friends after meeting someone face-to-face.  

So maybe we need to continue this trend and go out and greet
our neighbors. We need to smile at the people on the bus or the train. And we
need to get to know the eccentric GUY who owns the shop down the street. We
need to "Grass Roots" it because we’re stuck with each other in this
ever-changing world. Sure people say stupid things. But if we actually KNEW
them, we might judge their intent rather than what they actually said. And then
hopefully that would lead to a dialogue that helped both parties come to a
better understanding of one another. And ultimately lead to the kind of world we're trying to create.

Avoiding conflict seems to be the trend in our world. This is partly caused by everyone trying to be PC. And partly because conflict is no fun!!

Too much conflict leads to more conflict. This is war.

Too little conflict leads to pretending it's all good. This is dysfunction.

But a little conflict can  bring people closer together and help them understand one another. This is healthy. This is growth. 

So we say, bring it on. We’re ready. Let’s start a dialogue. What are your thoughts?

How are you feeling about the world and where we’re headed?

And if you're going to say something, at least say it to our Face! 🙂



Tomorrow Afternoon: Question/Answer: I'm dating TWO GUYS at once. Please advise.



16 Comments on The Guy's Horizon: The Future of Being PC(Politically Correct)

  1. I’ve never heard of the dump being referred to as the transfer station… that’s amusing.

  2. I’ve never heard of the dump being referred to as the transfer station… that’s amusing.

  3. I’ve never heard of the dump being referred to as the transfer station… that’s amusing.

  4. I’ve never heard of the dump being referred to as the transfer station… that’s amusing.

  5. So true. George Carlin, RIP, had a great piece about the soft language. I think you can find it on youtube.

  6. Interesting article! It’s funny to see what kind of trends are developing in the world. The ‘soft’ language is like you guys said one of them. But I think, these trends are all a reaction on other trends and developments in society. A way to adapt in society and to blend in. And as soon another trend steps in people will change and follow that. Behavior of men is unpredictable and I don’t think you can change the perceptions of humans by force. It goes naturally.
    ehm…yeah I’ve written a lot haha. I hope it’s clear tho ^_^

  7. TJ,
    Thanks for your thoughtful response. You’ve given us even more to think about…..
    Trends….soft language….more terms…
    Our heads are spinning!

  8. Forgive me for not saying this to your face, because I would totally hunt you down and stalk you and all, if I had a clue where you were, but, I would like to say 2 things:
    1. There is such a thing as over-protecting your children, which, in turn, does not prepare them for the mean cruel world.
    2. When conflict occurs, especially toward those who were coddled as children and then grew up to be use their poor response to the cruel world for evil, they pull out guns and shoot people at the drop of a hat when someone makes them angry. Or they pull out their lawyers and sue people at the drop of a hat when someone makes them angry.
    And another thing…
    Political Correctness is a pain in the ass. “Housewife” or “Garbage Man” is not demeaning unless you say “Just a” prior to it. And THAT’s what needs to change, not the semantics, with which I’m tired of trying to keep up.

  9. I am kind of sick of all the PC garbage too. I feel like we can’t do anything these days, we’re all walking on eggshells. I agree with Margaret-as long as things are said with respect, I think it’s ok.

  10. Feh…don’t make it more than it is. Euphemisms have been around forever and they change with whatever the current social climate is.
    When I was a kid we had euphemisms for certain body parts and functions and were embarrassed to say their proper names. Then the times changed and we were embarrassed to use the euphemisms. And then times changed again and some new euphemisms were added (“vi-jay-jay”? WTF??).
    It is important to note the difference between truly insulting speech, which should be made socially unacceptable, and words that are not hateful, just temporarily unpopular. But we must also be mindful of the implications…intended or not…that we broadcast with our choice of words.
    Denouncing “politically correctness” is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Some people do go overboard, but the truth is, a lot of us need to get our lazy brains in gear and purge certain words and attitudes rather than blame PCness for forcing us to get those rusty mental gears in motion. It’s never good to insult someone, even inadvertently, simply because we are too intellectually lazy to try to see another person’s point of view and choose our words a bit more sensitively.

  11. Well said SweetViolet! We hear ya. It’s possible that many people do need a little kick in the butt.

  12. I just ignore the PCers as I do anyone who tries to tell me what I ought to do or say or think. Why waste any time or energy on a bunch of dogmatists?

  13. Well you do make a good point Sir.

  14. whahah sorry sorry! Didn’t want you guys to feel dizzy!! Solution: sit, breath and eat something ^_^

  15. What a hell of a post….I am intrigued by the responses also. How many do you think are or were PC?
    I am one that does not try to be PC, although. It is almost like something being forced on me whether I like it or not.
    I agree with Nothing Profound in the fact that I have a mind of my own and my beliefs and when someone tries to force their thoughts and beliefs on me is when I balk..
    As for what this is doing to our children and grandchildren is, in my opinion, not a good thing..
    I don’t need their PCness to do or say things that are right..all that takes is thinking before you speak and thinking of others before you do so. It isnt’ that hard.

  16. Thank you for your honesty.
    We truly appreciate your opinion.
    Your last sentence resonates with us.
    If people just thought a little before they spoke that would help.

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