The Guy's Horizon: The Future of Kids

The Guy’s Horizon: The Future of Kids(Part One: Remembering)

When we were kids things were different. Waking up each
summer day, we had no idea what we might be doing, other than possibly getting
into trouble. After breakfast, we’d hightail it into the neighborhood to see
what was on the agenda for the day. These activities consisted of: Rock Throwing, Capture the Flag, Kickball, Bike Riding(w/out helmets of course), Exploring the Woods, Crossing Creaks, Buying Comics and Candy, and basically
doing whatever we could think of. We’d go back home only when the hunger pangs
were too much to stand.

Upon arriving for lunch we’d often be accompanied by a few
kids from the neighborhood. It was kind of an unspoken agreement among the
moms, that whomever showed up hungry, got fed. It was pretty easy to feed an
army of kids back then. Sandwiches, chips and Koolaid were standards on the menu.
Sometimes we’d get apple slices or carrots, but we didn’t visit those houses
often. We always knew which houses kept Ho Hos, Twinkies, Bologna, Doritos and
other junk food, and we’d magically appear around lunch or snack time. 

Things were easy. Free spirited. After lunch we’d be gone
til around dusk, give or take an hour or so. Our parents would just yell out
the back door for us to come home. If we didn’t hear them another parent would,
and that parent would just yell too. It was like a long distance telephone game
ringing throughout the neighborhood. And somehow it worked.

However, our life as a kid wasn’t without a lot of growing
pains.  The laws of the neighborhood
were clear. The biggest, oldest and strongest kids made the rules. They  were The Captains and picked first. (The
teams were NEVER fair.) They were also the referees, which of course made things
even more lopsided. They also decided when the game was over. Other kids could
voice their opinions, but the rules still didn’t change. Every day the “bosses”
would pick their favorite kid for the day, similar to favored nation status.
This kid would join the big kids for the day and get to do be a boss too. The
problem was, once the kid got a taste of what it was like to be in charge, it
was hard to come back to the other side. But eventually as the big kids moved
on, we all got to be bosses. And so we elbowed and punched and argued and
negotiated our way through childhood. And we learned how to survive.

Next week:
Part Two: The Present and Future

Tomorrow: Random thought of the week? ..and…. The Weekend.

9 Comments on The Guy's Horizon: The Future of Kids

  1. yes I remember the ‘growing pains’ of childhood well … here can be some bullies! Great post. keep it up!

  2. interesting story! I experienced yelling from my mother before…wink! thanks for sharing…you might want to add your site URL to your blogger account so that other people can visit you blog easily..have a great day!

  3. i’m curious about it easy to manage like uploading photos direct from our pc? thanks in advance!

  4. HA! You must have grown up in my neighborhood.
    Great post – you’ve been added to favorites!

  5. It was easier in those days and I think we were better off for it. Kids played outside and did not sit in front of the TV or play those games for 12 hours a day. We were probably healthier too, being outdoors and getting lots of exercise no matter what the season. I think kids today are definitely missing out.

  6. Great thoughts & memories in this post!
    I’m looking forward to reading Part Two!

  7. How true! This is exactly what things were like “in the good ole days.” Sandwiches, chips, and koolaid – yep, that’s what we had most of the time. Sometimes there’d be a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup instead of the chips, if the weather was coolish. And most kids had their mothers at home all day, and knew to always be within “hollering distance.” Substance abuse? What was that? Sexual deviants? Huh? No, the most we worried about were those bullies you mentioned, the occasional escaped convict, and maddogs.
    Oh, for the golden days of carefree childhood…

  8. I remember those days with my children….they walked to their grandparents house or rode their bikes and we didn’t worry about it. They played in the dirt, the fields or in the woods. Now days the kids are staying up late at night on the computers, watching tv and sleeping all day and just don’t do anything..and heaven forbid you ask them to do anything…this could be a an article all of its own…

  9. Yeah i agree but not with bully, there were not bullies in our places but there were kids who I did not want to be friends hehhee. When i was a child I used to climb a tree!!! but today’s generation, its all about computers and movies.

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