5 Comments on The Guy’s Perspective Rule #666: Guys are comfortable with conflict

  1. OMG. After watching that with me, Abby (2.5 yrs)punched me in the arm FOR NO REASON!


  2. @Elisa……Yes, that makes sense to us. It’s time for her to start making her own movies.

  3. Okay, so there is this guy that I have kind of been talking to. We were introduced through a mutual friend while we were swimming. We traded phone numbers and what ever. So we flirt like ALL THE TIME but he will randomly stop textig me for a few dys then just pick up where we left off. Also whenever I start trying to move things foward he will draw back and freak out. So should I just stop wasting my time, or is it still looking good?

  4. @John……It’s looking fine. But what you do need to stop is being the one to move it forward. Let him take the initiative. Let him be the one to move things forward. If he doesn’t after a bit it’s time to move on.

  5. Veronica // April 24, 2012 at 9:41 am //

    Hey Guys,

    I’ve fancied my best guy mate for four years now, and we’ve been screwing on and off for that whole period. I told him about 2 years ago how i felt, and he didn’t reciprocate, and my feelings died down and i moved on.

    I went away for a while, i’ve now got a baby, he’s still my best mate but i was kidding myself pretending i was over him, so told him how i felt again. This time he said he didn’t reciprocate and i have accepted that and admitted defeat. We agreed to stop having random sex, which didn’t last as we had sex next time we saw each other. Now i’ve told him how i feel he’s all over me. He can’t keep his hands off me, when we’re in public people think we’re together and he never corrects them, he has no problems with my son although he says he couldn’t be a father (he’d make an awesome dad he just doesn’t see it). Every time we’re together now he stays for hours and we have crazily hot sex. He holds me, touches me, tries to avoid looking into my eyes when i catch him looking at me, he’s always interested in me, helping me, advising me etc. But on the same score he keeps me at arms length, distant on purpose (which has also changed recently too, he’s letting me into his ‘world’ more and more).

    I know i’m probably imagining it, but the way he is with me can’t just be for the sex. We’d be friends still without it, its just a nice perk 🙂 He’s all over me but i’ve been going in circles for years like this. Do you think he likes me back but just wont commit cos i have a kid? Or am i really in la la land and im just being used? Im not stupid, i know when its just sex with him cos we’ve been at it so long. He’s changed since i told him how i feel again, its almost like he’s considering it but is too damn stubborn to admit he likes me back. Please end my confusion? Am i just clinging onto the sex to feel close to him?

    Cheers, sorry for rambling, Veronica.

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