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The Perfect Guy?

You hear the word perfect thrown around in conversation all too much. He’s the perfect guy. She’s the perfect woman. What a perfect night! This is the most perfect meal. Look at how perfect our kids are. It is possible? Perfection? Or is is hyperbole at its utmost? (Maybe that’s redundant.) Or is it just our way of saying that we wouldn’t change a thing? The question we have for the women out there is: Who is your perfect guy? Or rather, what does perfection look like to you? What does that mean to you? What characteristics would, or does, your perfect guy possess? Is it perfect looks?        Or is it other qualities? Kindness perhaps? Or is it some other quality? Artistic? Generous? Funny? Wealth? Good father? Sensitive? Macho? Big? Small? You get the point. If you could create the “perfect” guy what would he look like? What qualities would he possess? Or maybe you already have him? If so, please share and tell us about him. Treat this is a conversation. Please feel free to respond to anyone else leaving a comment. THE GUYS Do you have a relationship/dating question? Do you want a private and […]

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Meeting Mr. Right

“Meeting Mr. Right” by Kira Bornemann  (Kira on Twitter)  (Kira on LinkedIn) Imagine a stairway. The step at the top represents your expectations for Mr. Right. At the bottom step is Mr. New Guy, a dude you’ve gone on a few dates with. You’re waiting on the top step for New Dude to start climbing. He doesn’t move so you find yourself slowly descending one step at a time, making compromise after compromise, until you’ve reached the bottom step. As women, why do we lower our standards to stay in a committed relationship? Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: “We went out on two dates and now he’s just been texting me around 10pm to see if I want to come over. Should I?” “We dated for three months and he never committed to me and now he wants me back. Should I go back to him?” “I think he’s cheating on his girlfriend with me, but I don’t know what to do about it.” It may not be obvious, but all of these women have the same problem. They are all compromising their values to keep a guy around. Would you do the same? Let’s find out. […]

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Without saying a word

There are some things in life you can’t predict. Like falling in love. Or falling, for the wrong person, when you knew from the start you shouldn’t have.

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